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- having the first snowballfight of the year
- reading for hours, drinking tea, eating cakes, candle light and autmn leaves
- dancing in the bath to “I don’t wanna dance”
- cooking with friends, drinking wine until the early hours
- browsing in bookshops
- sitting & talking in the yard all night
- stroking a cat
- watching for shooting stars at the Balaton
- having friends to lean on
- dancing in the rain
- driving along the empty, sunny motorway with the stereo playing oldies
- having word duels with like-minded people
- staying in bed in the morning
- receiving post
- having a water fight in the living room
- having comfortable silences
- having pizza for breakfirst, watching Elvis films
- having a day out in the Netherlands
- imagining snakes with bows and bells on
- getting the present you most wanted
- learning, laughing and philosophying about the future

What makes life worth living?! Antwortet!


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